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18th Dec 2018

Details of how you can support the Association...
ChairmanRosemarie Morgan(Nee Pitt)
Vice ChairmanAnne Budworth(Nee Amies)
TreasurerMargaret Bazley(Nee Osborne)
Editor of NewsletterAnne Budworth(Nee Amies)
WebsiteRosemarie Morgan and Anne BudworthSite hosted by

- Newsletter and notices
- Minutes secretary

Anne Budworth
Rosemarie Moore

(Nee Amies)
(Nee Brockway)
Flower FundRosemarie Moore
Elisabeth Robinson
(Nee Wrigglesworth)
CommitteeJudy Neale
Gloria Phillips
(Nee Beddoes)
(Nee Galloway)
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