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2nd Oct 2016

 2016 AGM and Lunch

On Saturday September 18th , 58 Old Girls gathered in the Oldfield Hall at King Charles 1 School. After enjoying meeting up over tea and coffee, the AGM opened at 11 a.m.

The main points of the AGM were as follows:-

  • - Rosemarie Morgan was re-elected as Chairman, and Anne Budworth as Vice Chairman.
  • - Events of the last year were reported , particularly the Confessions of a Pantomime Dame evening.
  • - An updated constitution was presented to the AGM and adopted unanimously.
  • - Thanks were given to Rosemarie Moore and Elisabeth Robinson for their work with the Flower Fund, to Margaret Bazley as Treasurer, to all of the Committee for their work throughout the year, with particular thanks to Anne Budworth for all her hard work as Newsletter editor and vice Chairman. Alison Hargreaves was also thanked for her committee membership , as she is stepping down from the committee at the moment due to other commitments.

After a delicious lunch, members were treated to an informative talk by Alice Bennett on her visit to Buckingham Palace for her investiture as an M.B.E.


Please note that from 1st September 2016 subscriptions will be £5 (non internet members) and £10 (for overseas non internet members ); life internet membership to be increased to £25, and so standing orders will need to be amended accordingly.

 Spring meeting 2016

Confessions of a pantomime dame.

As members of the O.G.A. and their guests gathered in the Science Theatre, we began to wonder. We had been promised an evening with a pantomime dame, and yet, standing in front of us, was a smartly suited gentleman introducing himself as Richard Westcott.

We were not to be disappointed, though, for step at a time he transformed himself into a typically outrageous pantomime dame, complete with an engaging and hilarious commentary. Quite how many members take up the tips on make up, or indeed costume design and choice remains to be seen!

We were also treated into insights into the magical world of pantomime, from the other side of the stage. Not the least of these was the necessity for quick costume changes at times.

Whilst `tricks of the trade` can make this process easier - who would have thought of attaching one`s hat to one`s wig? - the assistance of a dresser is still invaluable, and Richard, as is his custom, chose someone from the audience for this role - me!

Nothing had prepared me for this stressful and onerous task, not made any easier by Richard`s constant asides, which provided much added amusement for the assembled company!

After looking at a further selection of costumes and accessories that only a panto dame could love, our evening drew to a close in a traditional manner, with audience participation in a pantomime song. In true K.H.S. tradition it was enthusiastic, if not exactly of Madrigal choir standard in other respects.

Over light refreshments it was evident that everyone had thoroughly enjoyed the evening, and our thanks go to all involved with the arrangements for the evening, which made a small profit for O.G.A. funds as well.

Rosemarie Morgan



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